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Glass and ceramic products

Our products made of glass and ceramics, subjected to the process of vacuum metallization, are a different, much higher level in interior design. It is in fact the vacuum metallization process that makes these products so desirable to possess in our homes as part of the decor.

Give the metallization process a chance and let the dull and lifeless everyday household items shine with a new glow of precious metal. We use the latest technologies in accordance with our slogan -Science in The Service of Beauty.

Please contact us at any time. We will be happy to answer all questions regarding vacuum
metallization. A modern and ecological technique that we use to achieve such spectacular effects.


Bathroom elements made by us

We present some of our projects to show you the possibilities of vacuum metallization. Thanks to the modern method of metallization, glass and aluminum covered with metal layers takes on a luxurious look and becomes an object of desire.

It is worth paying attention to how spectacularly metallization has redefined the utility value of items that did not necessarily keep up to date with fashion trends.

As you can see, even small items can become the focal points of the space arrangement, changing it